One of my Facebook friends – a dear, sweet soul – posted today that everyone around her was cranky and it was making her cranky.

I wonder if I telepathically projected my mood to her 3,000 miles away.

Today, I am cranky.

Maybe it’s the hour we lost yesterday.  Or that I’d gotten used to seeing daylight when I woke up, and today the sky was still dark.

Maybe it’s because I gave up meat for Lent and on the cafeteria menu this week is a Bacon Cheddar Hot Dog.  Just cruel.

Maybe it’s because last night when the faint waft of cranky was coming my way, I began plucking my brows and fell into a calm, meditative state as I cleaned up stray hairs.  That is, until from the corner of my eye I saw a gigantic bug walking down my bathroom wall.  So much for Zen.

Maybe I had trouble concentrating today because I’m dreaming of warm beaches and pina coladas and cabana boys who bring me salads with fresh lobster and crab.


No reason, really.  I’m just in a mood.  So I’m indulging it.  Often the best way out is to go through, so I’m embracing the cranky.

I’m planning a night of pure comfort: a hot shower, then a grilled cheese with french fries for dinner, chased by a pack of Twizzlers and The Bachelor finale on TV.

Don’t judge me.  The Bachelor part especially.  🙂  I’m hoping it’ll turn my frown upside down.