I went to my first fashion show this week.  3.1 Phillip Lim.  It was awesome.

Apparently I was very, very excited.  Because all my pictures came out blurry.

Which reminds me of other times when I tried to chronicle something that made my heart sing with a visual diary…and it all went wrong.

Like this amazingly delicious bag of freshly popped popcorn…

…and that beautiful blizzard….

…and those pumpkin pancakes with pumpkin seed streusel and warm maple butter.  It’s pancake month.   And not only did I not remember to take the photo before we began eating them with abandon, I couldn’t figure out how to properly light the pancakes in the romantically lit restaurant.  At 6pm.  While I was celebrating someone else’s engagement.

We live in an age when everyone wants to share their special moments with the digital stratosphere, whether on Facebook, Twitter…or in a blog.  With all of the distractions that this connectivity brings, it’s easy to forget to be present.  It’s all well and good to photograph something cool in order to share with everyone we know, but not if we aren’t actually experiencing the moment.

All of the moments from the photographs above have given me a special memory that I hold dear, and the imperfection of the pictures just remind me that it’s okay to put the camera down every now and then, put my feet up and just be in the moment.

After all, the angels are still watching over us, whether or not the Christmas angel shows up blurry.

Savor the special moments, even the imperfect ones.