Today was the first day I got out of bed in four days.

It started out harmlessly enough, with a slight tickle in my throat.  Then, a little case of the sniffles appeared, but no big deal.  I kept doing what I needed to do, going to work, keeping appointments, doing the grocery shopping and the laundry and the cooking and the chores…you get the idea.

Sometimes life is full of things that need to be done and commitments that need to kept.  I’m sure sometimes you feel the same way.

Except during these times I forget to put myself on the to-do list.  I forget to remember that, like my computer that needs to be shut down every night, I also need a break.  Even the Energizer bunny needs to change his batteries occasionally.

Sometimes the Universe intervenes and tells you that it’s time to rest.

Like the time a few years ago when I tripped on the pavement on three separate days, each time a little more painful than the one before, until I fell so hard that my knee bled for hours and I had to take to my bed for an entire weekend because I could hardly bend my leg.

Sometimes you are forced to slow down.  My doctor told me gently but firmly – after the sniffles turned into the mutant virus that kept rearing its three-pronged head – that I needed to go home and plant myself in bed for a few days.

So, this time, I heeded her wisdom.

And this nugget that randomly came my way…even if it came from a piece of chocolate candy.

Sometimes the good and gracious thing to do is to take a moment for yourself.