I’ve had a habit of staying with one thing too long.

Breaking free from this tendency is my ongoing work in progress.

Last week I quit my job.  With it came a flurry of warmth, love and incredible, unexpected sentiments about the quality of my work – and of my character. Admittedly, it felt great.  Feeling appreciated and valued is a basic human need.

Since then I’ve had moments of panic where I wondered what was around the corner.  And whether or not I should stay on the block exactly where I am.

But, acting on my gut has always led me to the right place.  Moving on is sometimes the only way to grow, to become the best person you can be.

There is courage in taking a chance when staying safe is perfectly reasonable.   The unknown may be a risk, but often it’s the leap of faith that will lead to the edge of the rainbow.

I’m looking forward to seeing where my new journey takes me.