From the time I was a young girl, magazines have been my favorite escape.  They were quick, accessible, aspirational vehicles for dreaming and learning about places and people that were different from me.

They were also a peek into how stylishly, glamorously and beautifully some people lived.  Even now when I want to escape from the to-do lists, there is always a stack of magazines close by to offer a diversion.

I loved Domino magazine.  It was the first design book that spoke to my sensibility – modern, urban and chic.  Needless to say, I was devastated when it folded over a year ago.  It felt tragic, sort of like Tom Hanks in “Cast Away” when he lost Wilson the volleyball, as if I’d lost a friend.  Just kind of sad.

Randomly discovering Lonny Magazine a few months ago was like meeting a new friend who felt awfully familiar.  It is published online, so it can provide longer features, more in-depth information and a wider array of fashionable photographs than a paper magazine. Lonny offers a full surround of stylish lifestyle tips for the home, the garden and everything in between.  Some of the advice is immediately useful, while some of it allows you to dream for the future.

Meet Lonny.  I think you’ll be inspired by it too.