I’m very blessed to have a fantastic mother who would go to the ends of the earth for me.  If she knew you were in need of something, she’d probably help you too.

She’s also slightly psychic – growing up, she’d often tell my brother and I why certain people in our lives would prove to be absolutely no good.  She was usually right.  We finally told her that we just didn’t want to know.

She’s a great cook, a fashionista and always in possession of the latest gadget.  And she’s incredibly courageous on top of all of that.

Today I celebrate her and all the reasons why I’m proud to be her daughter.

Now, you may not have had the ideal mothering experience growing up.  You may have chosen an alternate mother figure: a sister, an aunt, a grandmother. Or perhaps even someone outside of the family to fill that void.  Whoever that person is, celebrate them today.

Maybe you’ve had to pick up the slack and have had to mother yourself.  Bravo to you for your courage in developing a skill that most of us would benefit from.  For an insightful perspective on why it’s necessary to mother yourself, check out this article by noted yoga teacher Tara Stiles. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/tara-stiles/mothers-day-the-importanc_b_567512.htm

And maybe you are a new mother yourself and are just finding your way.  May grace light your path as you embark on the most sacred work on the planet. For the stay at home moms who need a voice to say the things in your head, read my friend Alyssa’s new blog at http://www.prettygirltosahm.blogspot.com/.

No matter where you are in mother worship, here’s to a happy Mother’s Day to everyone.  May it be filled remembrance and celebration for the mothers in your lives – and with goodness and grace.