Spring has sprung.  It is gloriously, deliriously beautiful.  Trees are budding, flowers are blooming, the sky is clear and the cool air is slowly rising in temperature.

And everyone is complaining in my ear about it.

The winter lovers are at their wit’s end about the impending warmth.

“When did it become summer???”

One friend described yesterday’s soft breeze-filled 70 degree day as “horrible” because it was too hot.

And the common refrain in the office, “It’s soooo HOT in here!!”

Change isn’t easy for many people.  But change is inevitable, and it is easier to take when you embrace it.  The good and gracious thing to do is to acknowledge the discomfort, accept it and move on.

For me, spring ushers in a hopefulness.  The sun is warmer on the skin.  Everything is in bloom after a winter of laying dormant underground.  The air is filled with the possibility of what will come from all the seeds planted – in the earth and in the mind – before the frost set in.

And really, what’s so bad about this?

Or this?

Look around.  Choose to see the beauty in the moment.  Take it in.  Embrace the change.