I’m unattached this Valentine’s Day, but that doesn’t mean I’m hating on the holiday.  Love isn’t just roses and champagne or lingerie and chocolates.  Love is in the details, in the small gestures of everyday life.

Love is…

…my mom traipsing across town to bring me orange juice, soup, tissues and my favorite candy when I’m too sick to shop for myself.

…my father coming over to my apartment specifically to “take care” of the fly that had pitched a tent for almost two weeks after I’d tried in vain to take care of it myself.

…the stranger who walked me home as blood ran down my leg after I’d taken a nasty fall and banged my knee up pretty good.

…my doorman who never fails to make me laugh before I leave for work.

…the unexpected friends who checked in with me regularly during a family crisis just to see how I was.

…the cashier at Cipriani’s who saw me standing at the end of a very long line and grabbed the last piece of the veggie egg white frittata because she knew that’s what I bought every morning and didn’t want it to sell out before I got a chance to order.

…my guys at Starbucks who never fail to give me a grande when I’ve ordered a tall.

…Carol Sue, my “other mother” on the opposite end of the country, who knits a scarf for me every year for Christmas.

…my nephew illustrating his feelings for me in a recent work of art.

Love is everywhere.  Take a moment to embrace it in your life.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

xoxo, Goodness & Grace