If crack was cookies, it would look like this.

The first one starts off innocently enough.

“It’s good,” is usually the non-committal reaction when I’ve coerced someone into trying one.  If I’m feeling particularly devilish – or gracious – I’ll convince them to have another.  This is usually when the fun starts and the addiction begins to kick in.

“Hmmm…I think I’ll have one more…”

Uh-huh.  Before you know it, an entire sleeve is gone, and the words “I can stop anytime I want…” are uttered.

Not that I’ve ever said that or anything…

But who cares anyway?  They’ve got ORGANIC ingredients, after all, coming together to make a cleaner version of the cookie we loved as kids.  We’re saving the planet here, people.

Newman-O’s.  I dare you to just have one.