It’s the end of another year, the perfect time to reflect on the goodness of the last twelve months.  This was definitely a year of major shifts, both personally and throughout the world, and I’m ending the year feeling more hopeful than when it started.  Optimistic and super charged, I’m eager and ready for the grace and goodness of the year ahead.  But, before I jump ahead, I feel the need to reflect on the year that is drawing to a close.

My favorite highlights of 2009:

  • 2008 was over.  🙂  Rough year.
  • Inauguration day: No matter what your political affiliation, it was a good day to be an American.
  • Randomly discovering that an old friend from junior high school and I work for the same company.
  • Julie & Julia: Food, inspiration and Meryl Streep all wrapped up in the same two hours.
  • Coming across The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson late one night, and at the end of one hysterical hour, having a new show to look forward to.
  • Realizing that after years of thinking I was woefully unathletic, I could actually run for an extended amount of time.
  • U2 rocked Giants Stadium in their record-breaking last concert ever in that venue.  And I was there!
  • Sunday cooking marathons made me happy.
  • I found the courage to start writing again…and to find my voice again.
  • I began to embrace joy.

It was a year of excellent moments.

And now, we begin again.

Happy New Year!!  xo, with Goodness and Grace